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Hongkong Joding Electronics technology co., LTD. In Hong Kong, China, was founded in 2009, mainly in photovoltaic industry product development, sales as the core, take the market demand as the guidance, the quality of customer satisfaction and service for the purpose. In 2014 to integrate domestic sales company, set up the sales department in shenzhen (shenzhen Joding Electronics technology co., LTD.).


Joding Electronics is a set design, development, production and sales of liquid crystal display(LCD), liquid crystal display module (LCM), LED back light (B/L), the touch panel (T/P). Company owned by a LCD development engineers, LCD process engineer, LCM r&d engineers, LED back light engineers and other team composed of high-quality talent; Advanced technology and strong research and development ability, can according to customer demand for design, development and production of customized type LCD, LCM and LED back light, touch panel products, to meet customer demand.

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